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Hello, My name is Dr. Frank Fowlie, and I am the Ombudsman at the International Organization for Migration, at Geneva.

Frank Fowlie's Bio:

Dr. Frank Fowlie was the CEO of Frank Fowlie was the inaugural Ombudsman at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. ICANN is the agency which administers the global domain name system which serves as the backbone for the Internet. He served as the Ombudsman from November 2004 to January, 2011. Frank Fowlie holds a Doctor of Conflict Resolution (DCR) from La Trobe University, Melbourne. Frank Fowlie is also an alumnus of the University of Manitoba, University of Regina, and Royal Roads University where he earned a Master of Arts in Conflict Analysis and Management. Frank Fowlie has taken training as a negotiation instructor at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School. Frank Fowlie has been an associate faculty member of Royal Roads University, and is a Fellow with the Centre for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution at the University of Massachusetts – Amherst. Frank Fowlie holds the designation of Chartered Mediator. As the Ombudsman, Frank Fowlie is a member of the Forum of Canadian Ombudsman, the International Ombudsman Institute and the United States Ombudsman Association. Frank Fowlie has served as Chairman of the International Forum on Online Dispute Resolution. Frank Fowlie was previously employed with the United Nations, where he was on Mission Staff in East Timor for two years. He was the deputy administrator for the capital city, and was appointed as the UN’s Olympic Games Officer, taking the world’s newest country to the Sydney Olympics. He was recently awarded the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal in recognition of his contribution to world peace while serving with the United Nations in East Timor. Frank Fowlie’s professional background includes being an Ombudsman Officer with the British Columbia Ombudsman’s Office; Senior Advisor with the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada; Saskatchewan Social Services, and as a Policing Policy Advisor to the BC Attorney General. Frank Fowlie began his career as a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Frank Fowlie is involved in volunteer activities, such as the Canadian Olympic Committee; Olympic, Commonwealth and Pan American Games; and the Royal Life Saving Society. He is the co-author of, “Prayer Road”, a book about the Olympic Games and East Timor. In 2010 Frank Fowlie was presented with the University of Regina Alumni Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Scuba diving, underwater potography, swimming

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